projects by graw böckler

concepcion - an exhibition at JUBG that declares a medium-sized industrial town in the south of Chile to be the navel of the world.

residence 6 - A flood of images from a six month stay in Istanbul structured in seven photo books, a talking-carrots mini-series, a video looop about the demolition of civil rights, two music clips – and a 41 min. flicker film.

old fashion - Images of friends wearing dresses, hats, sunglasses and more clothes from our mom who passed away in 2015.

let´s talk about.. the weather - "Weather" is the lowest common denominator for a conversation. We propose to hold this conversation with artistic means.

question to radio yerevan - Radio Yerevan is not a radio station, but a category of political jokes from the former Soviet Union. The jokes structure three films about Armenia, about Estonia. and about a Radio Station in Coimbra. The photographic works are shot in Armenia and Karabakh. "Question to Radio Schengen" is a continuation with jokes about the European Union.

super-8 reels are unedited. Each reel has one theme. Contingencies, mistakes and technical failure remain. 10 reels were used as music videos for O.D. Davey´s album "Some waking woman" in 2017. (2010- ongoing).

after the crisis is an artistic answer to an upcoming social catastrophe. Starting with interviews in Argentina and Europe and resulting in a three-week-festival, a performance, a movie and a music video. (2011-13)

non narrative three - Three non narrative films: Portenos de Verano (35'), Graw Böckler´s Knot (26'), Forbidden Images (40'). (2009-2011)

unauthorized commercials are underground publicity clips, directed by graw böckler. music is by popnoname & guests. (2005-10)

commercials for a concept due to the consideration that not only products but concepts and ideas need publicity, this project is about producing "commercials for ideas or concepts". (2007)

loop pool is an international plattform for video loops. DVD releases: loop pool (2005), loop pool ping pong (2006), loop pool on ice (2007). commissioned by international short film festival oberhausen.

how to - concept DVD with „how to do it“ films & music videos. (2004)

super-8 years - eight music videos shot on Super-8 film during 8 years (2003)

raum für projektion is a temporary projection space. the label "raum fuer projektion" is publishing DVDs. (2001- ongoing).