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graw böckler´s knot

The images for "Graw Böckler´s Knot" have been shot in Tallinn and also in Warsaw and Bucarest - citys where the intercultural experiment "The Knot" took place during summer and autumn 2010. Fire, smoke, explosions and damages create a counterbalance to an even-minded perception of urban spaces. Special Effects suspend the geostrategical distance to the battle zones of the world. But still the routines of everyday life remain untroubled despite the fact of multiple threats from violence or destruction. The soundtrack by Axel Willner (Black Fog, The Field) intensifies the transformation of documented reality.

26 min., HD, video: graw böckler, music: axel willner, starring: triin juurik, maris männik, jaana davidjants, ursula böckler, wojciech kosma, erik font, alexandra romano, annika, natalia romik, zamfira razvan, heimo lattner, ewa rudnicka, dianta tavera, delia popa and many more, shot in tallinn and during the knot in warsaw & bucarest, sfx footage:, produced with the support of goethe institut warsaw, many thanks: the knot, oliver baurhenn, markus bader, raluca voinea, kuba szreder, karen grzemba, davidjants family, © graw böckler 2011.

available on blu-ray & dvd non narrative three