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porteňos de verano

What project would you do if you get a 35mm movie camera at hand and the film stock was for free? I would film... everything! Filmamos todos - we film everything, was our concept for "Porteños de Verano". We wanted to create a non-narrative cinema experience by sheer subjectivity. The film covers an one month stay in Buenos Aires. Since we frequently exchanged German winter with Argentinian summer, our friends there started to call us "Porteños de Verano". You will meet them and a peculiar, creative lifestyle - more easy to sense than to describe. The soundtrack by Estupendo (Buenos Aires) is mixing field recordings with electronical music.

starring: Laurita Hit, Octavio Garabello (Guitar Player), Gavin Riley (performing "there is a number"), Lauren Tasugi, Richard Davids, Luren Jenison, K-Fai Steele, Nate Holt, Jen Rice, Jochi Labourt, Laura Codega, Berenice Venecia, Lucila Gradin , Anita Montecucco, Paul Lindblade, Santiago de Paoli, Diego Bianchi, Ruben Zerrizuela, Clara Jarvis, Geraldina & Catalina, Mr. & Mrs Goijman, Alfio Demestre, Florencia Cabeza, Céline Keller and many more.

music & sounds: Estupendo from the Album "Lio"

video: Graw Böckler

special thanks: Cecilia Anemabar, Ramsey Arnaoot, Paul Lindblade

available on blu-ray & dvd non narrative three