old fashion

These images show dresses, hats, sunglasses and more clothes from our mom who passed away in 2015. They were well stored in a wardrobe in the back of a jam-packed chamber. I wondered how those dresses did look on her? Since the clothes smelled mouldy, I probably would have thrown them away, but Ursula refused. So we came up with the idea to ask friends to act as fashion models for the dresses of my mom. If they liked what they wore, they could keep it. So the following images are not only a recollection of our moms fashion, but also a collection of friends wearing what you probably would call old fashion.

Models: Maru Mushtrieva, Mario Campos, Ines Musico, Renee Carmichael, Adrián de Alfonso, Lucrecia Dalt, Paul Arámbula, Jaana Davidjants, Julieta Ortiz de Latierro, Molly Nilsson, Anna Queiroz Böckler, Sara Koohestanian, Laura Fusato, Nadja Abt, Joanna Szproch, Ursula Böckler, Katharina Cromme, Octavio Garabello, Margaux Aubin, Berengere Dauteuille, Pauline Legrand, Georg Graw, Nadine Hübsch, Sercan Apaydın, Jan Rohlf, Eunice & Elliot Maurice, Sofia Lomba, Julie Abricot, Manuela Lomba, Rasmane Koudougou, Merve Namlı, Sean Nicholas Savage, Viviana Abelson, Moran Beeg, Miguel Mitlag, Regina Janssen. Thank you all!

"old fashion" magazine (2018)

exhibition on graveyard (2020)