graw böckler garage

graw böckler garage is a small rectangular space with an electric gate. it is used to present shows of single artists. the presentation is followed by an informal dinner.
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16 october 2019 aracha cholitgul*
29 august 2019 jessica guez*
13 august 2019 laetitia morais*
laetitia morais
20 june 2019 kristoffer nilsson*
kristoffer nilsson
13 june 2019 delia popa*
28 may 2019 mateo amaral*
Mateo Amaral
25 november 2018 viviana abelson
Viviana Abelson: Candy Show
17 october 2018 millie schwier
05 september 2018 maurizio cirillo
maurizio cirillo "Rimini"
24 july 2018 ana gzirishvili
06 june 2018 octavio garabello
* with friendly support by bezirksamt friedrichshain-kreuzberg

wiener straße 52, right entrance to the backyard, 10999 berlin.