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before state bankruptcy

Before the survey in Argentina, we did a series of interviews in Berlin, Cologne and Warsaw. We asked about the worries and expectation regarding the economical crisis in Europe. What expect young and middle aged creative people from their near future? Do they care about a mighty state bankruptcy or is the crisis something abstract, only happening in mass media? Do they have questions to the Argentinian people, who already experienced state bankruptcy?

The interviews are edited into small entities. Thoughts and feelings become rhythmical, echoing in our minds. "Before state bankruptcy" is the european counterpart to the interviews with Argentians "What will be after state bankruptcy?"

Interviewee: Kasia Karbowska, Ewa Rudnika, Elodie Delaigle, Janusz Lukowicz, Jan Kapela, Maciej Czeredys, Giorgos Kakanakis, Adrián de Alfonso, Francisco Queimadela, Jens Uwe Beyer, Bogna Swiatkowska, Tomek Sacilowski

Interviews conducted by: Paulina Jeziorek, Graw Böckler

Directed by: Graw Böckler

Running Time: 22:24 min.

part of after the crisis