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Since Europe is facing a major financial and economical crisis we were thinking about Argentina which went bankrupt in 2001. Many people in Argentina lost everything and economy had to start all over again. Since we will find ourselves soon in a similar situation, we wanted to know from our friends in Argentina: How was the impact of state bankruptcy on their lives? Please Argentinians give me advices, I am not experienced with the crisis. Part of after the crisis

starring: agustina ferrer, ruben zarrizuela, anita montecucco, orilo blandini, jochi labourt, octavio garabello, florencina ordones, maria julia iglesias, mariano cassisi.

video: graw böckler, music & song: donna regina, lyrics: graw böckler & paulina jeziorek, spanish adaption: regina janssen & carlos alberto ulloa uribe, track available on the record "donna regina: holding the mirror for sophia loren", label: karaoke kalk.