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what will be after state bankruptcy?

Since Europe is facing a major financial and economical crisis, we were thinking about Argentina which experienced state bankruptcy in 2001. Many people lost everything and economy went almost to zero. We would like to learn from the Argentinian experience to be better prepared for what might be in front of us. Most of the people we know in Buenos Aires are working in creative jobs - like us. How did they experience the time of social collapse? Now, more than ten years later, how do they feel about the influence of this economical desaster on their lives? We asked them to share their experience and to provide advices since we are not experienced with the crisis. We wanted to know what our life will be after a state bankruptcy?

Title: What will be after state bankruptcy?

Running Time: 33 min.

Directed by: Graw Böckler

Project by: Graw Böckler & Paulina Jeziorek

Interview Partners from Argentina: Alberto Goldenstein, Leticia Obeid, Lux Lindner, Ana Grabaldo, Julian d´Angiolillo, Leticia Aquino, José Miguel Esses, Mariana Eva Perez, Ruben Zarrizuela, Anita Montecucco, Jochi Labourt, Octavio Garabello, Orilo Blandini, Loreto Garin Guzman, Federico Zukerfed, Maria Julia Iglesias, Agustina Ferrer, Florencina Ordones, Mariano Cassisi, Cecilia Szalkowicz, Gaston Persico, Heike Thelen. Many thanks to Ramsey Arnaoot.

Song performed by: æ

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