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true colours

The colour of the clothes you are wearing can be used to show your opinion to questions of political and social interest. Every month a new question could be posed. The climate of public opinion would be obvious in the streets. Who has which opinion? Fashion makes you talk with your neighbour even you don´t know the other. The fact of having different attitudes is assimilated into your visual everyday life - sometimes against one´s will. Tolerance can be practised without talking by accepting the others´ true colours.

starring: Laura Hita, Anita Montecucc, Nati (the real one), Ramsey Arnaoot, Brandon Joyce, Kathrin Megerle, Oliver Husain, Fede Vazquez Villarino, Lauren Ford and many others.

dance: Ivanna Bergese & Ryan Richle

voice: Florencia Allo, Anita Montecucc

sound & casting: Ramsey Arnaoot

translation: carlos alberto ulloa uribe, michael heydebreck

written, produced & directed by graw böckler

"ideas for europe - 24 commercial for a concept" is a graw böckler project. Commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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