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old people to the army

Most people go to the Army when they are about 18 years old. 18 is like the best age in your life. You really want to do something and to find your way. Every year of a young person counts like at least 5 years when you are older. You are forced by the Army to waste a year or so within a boring institution. You could do a much better job by improving your own career instead - also for the good of society. We suggest to send old people to the Army. Modern high tech war doesn´t deserve young sporty bodies but experienced minds. And anyway some physical exercise is very good for the old. They sometimes like discipline and order. Things you tipically find in a military environment. And if old people are lonely because their husbands, wives or friends already left them they find within the Army a community that takes care. The problem of the reversed age pyramid and the resulting difficulties for society to provide the pension payments is solved when old people find income in the armed forces. If it comes to war it is incredibly sad that young people with a great future have to die. For old people this is only natural. Imagine a suicide command of 80 year olds. The enemy will be frightened. And old people may value life much more than young people, who sometimes feel immortal. There will be less raping, less war crimes or torture. The politicians who are mostly old will send people of their own age into combat. Even their friends. Maybe it makes them think twice if it wouldn´t be better to keep peace.

music: sebastian weber

voices: sebastian weber, richard davis, jens uwe beyer, john harten

concept & video: graw böckler

"ideas for europe - 24 commercials for a concept" is a project by graw böckler. Commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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available on the dvd "ideas for europe - 24 commercials for a concept" published by raum für projektion