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the church and the devil

music by popnoname. video by graw böckler

the video was shot on büyükada, the biggest of the adalar islands in front of istanbul. cars are prohibited there. we visited friends who are taking care of a nice house during winter. throughout a walk we encountered a group of horses herding in the forest. during the season they are carriage horses for tourists, taking them uphill to a plateau on the island. it was wonderfull seeing them so peaceful and free in the middle of the woods. suddenly some of the horses run off and around the island. the owner had great difficulties to capture them.

our friends told us that just one week ago more than 80 horses were killed and buried in a mass grave. they were suffering glanders, a contagious and dangerous disease. they often suffer also from injuries and from exhaustion. it is well known that the horses are working hard and that they are not treated very well. there is no proper veterinarian station on the island. there were more than 1000 horses, many more than officially permitted.

animal-rights activists are fighting to exchange the romantic but cruel coach rides for rides in electric tuk tuks.