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Some Waking Woman: Super-8 reels by Graw Böckler & songs by O.D. Davey

The following Super-8 reels are unedited so that their contingencies and mistakes remain. Each reel has one theme and lasts approximately two minutes and twenty-two seconds, as all super-8 reels are bound to. Each song therefore lasts the same when bound to its reel.

There´s a feeling you can get when you´re living the story projected in front of you and the movie reel ends and the screen burns white; it can be like when a dream ends and it´s never convenient.

Although each reel and each song has a story of its own, they play together something like a memory of one another; like one haunting the other the way present and past can; the way sadness and happiness can; the way the lives of others, which time and space can no longer hide, can haunt one´s own and yours theirs.

Each of these reels is presented in the order in which they appear on Davey´s album Some Waking Woman. Graw Böckler and O.D Davey chose each reel together, looking for something intuitive that bound the image and song to tell a new story, be that something sentiment, comedy, fantasy, mystery.

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