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a rainbow in warsaw

On the way to a late breakfast at Savior Square (Plac Zbawiciela) in Warsaw we passed a group of activists lead by a priest or monk. The small group was praying and protesting against being gay. It happened in front of a giant rainbow sculpture that is situated in the center of the square. This sculpture by Julita Wójcik is meant as a symbol for love, peace and hope – more hippie-thinking than gay-rights related. Nevertheless it has been vandalised and burned down several times. Far-right nationalist and catholic groups in Poland identify it with the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) movement. Since we experienced the europride in Warsaw a couple of years ago where the beautiful parade was confronted with anti gay protesters – one of the sadest encounters ever experienced in public space - we had to film this absurd theatre. It took us almost a year to set that rainbow on fire – a hellfire secretly intended by the christian protesters. May god forgive them..

55 sec. loop by Graw Böckler