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let´s talk about the weather with maru, julie, vera, justine and ursula

Maru (Russia), Julie (Great Britain), Vera (Portugal), Justine (France) and Ursula (Germany) held conversations about the weather during a trip to Russia. Two examples:

„are you a tourist? or are you a terrorist?“

„I am a runaway.“

„from what are you running?“

„bad weather.“



„is drying out“

„pacific island“

„will be flooded“

„amazonia - living in the jungle“

„to hot, insane humidity, too much rain, no seasons“

„no seasons sound good!“


starring: maru mushtrieva, vera sofia mota. justine chevigny, julie ying wei yip, ursula böckler

many thanks to the mushtrieva family

video installation, graw böckler 2013 / 2014