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slinky springs bridge jumping

The "Fritz Schramma Halle" invited us to be part of "Emscher Kunst" and the project "Holidays at the Emscher". The Emscher is situated in the Ruhr area and is supposedly the most dirty river of Europe. We invited friends who mostly know Berlin when it comes to Germany and spent some marvelous holidays together with Renee Carmichael, Octavio Garabello, Vani Saracino and Jaime Ramirez. The reel shows some leisure time at the Rhein-Herne channel with swimmers jumping from the slinky springs bridge.

Thanks to Peter Güllenstern for having us!

Oberhausen, 2013

Unedited Super-8 Reel, 2:22 min, color, no sound.

Filmed by Graw Böckler.

Edition 1/1