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A problem of our society is the structural unemployment. Less people can produce more. Peoples jobs are substituted by machines and computers. But only people who have a job earn real money and are able to consume the produced products. Thanks to the machines there is overproduction and underconsumption: it´s a vicious circle. If machines are designed not only to produce but also to consume this vicious circle can be broken. How could this possibly function? Imagine a machine that is designed to produce shoes, but it is also programmed to achieve a collection of 1980s records. The surplus value is reinvested by the machine. Via Internet connection it will order records from it´s favorite 1980s bands. Maybe it even rents a space where the records are to be collected. This kind of machines will have a great impact on the gross national product. Consumption will rise and the products consumed by machines will disappear from the market altogether. The problem of overproduction is solved. It is easy to control what kind of products will be consumed by the machines. Because of this the companies know in advance what the market will ask for and what to produce for it. Of course the machine from our example is not programmed to listen to the music it buys. But one could program it to make it´s 1980s record collection accessible to the public. Which will add one more value to the idea to make computer consume.

starring: Cecilia Amenabar, Ramsey Arnaoot, Fede Vazquez Villarino, Brandon Joyce

production & sound: Ramsey Arnaoot

concept & video by Graw Böckler

"ideas for europe - 24 commercial for a concept" is a graw böckler project. Commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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